Don Benjamin talks to BITCHY ONLINE UK

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One thing’s for sure, the ladies love Don Benjamin! Bitchy Online UK caught up with the talented rapper, where we spoke about his latest song with Eric Bellinger and his thoughts on his extremely large female fan base.

Why did you decide to focus on rapping and producing? 

I’ve been rapping since I was in high school. It’s always been a passion of mine. I’ve just been blessed to bring it back to career goals with my platform and networks.


What was it like working with the amazing Eric Bellinger?

Eric is such a cool person. We’ve been friends for a while so when we actually took the time to work together it came easy.

  How did your song Hit The Snooze come about? What was your inspiration?
Me Eric and Soundz were all in the studio vibing and the beat came on and Eric starting singing words that rhymed with confused and said snooze and we thought it would be dope to turn it into a song lol


If you could collaborate with someone dead or alive? Who would you collaborate with? 

I’ve alway been a fan of Jay Z. That would be a dream to work with him.


Even though you have a girlfriend, the ladies LOVE you! How does it make you feel having so much attention?

I love my female support lol it’s still weird to me cause I look at myself as a regular guy I don’t really think about it too much so I still get flattered when the love is shown.

 What is your type in a woman usually?  

I love a woman that is confident, knows what she wants in life, good sense of humour, and can understand my life and what comes along with it.

 You were a finalist on Americas Next Top model are you still focusing on modelling if so what are you working on? 

Modelling comes easy to me so I’m always going to take advantage of it as long as I’m in demand.


Any other talents we should know about? 

I try to do everything haha I act, I play basketball, I can bowl pretty good. I’m pretty competitive so I try to be great at everything I do.


What advice would you give to other people wanting to progress in the music and modelling industry? 

Have patience and don’t give up when faced with denial. Have confidence and believe that when its Gods time for you it will happen as long as you are putting in the necessary work to be ready for it.


Finally any plans to come visit us in the UK? 

Yes hopefully soon. I think my management is working on getting me some dates for shows and such.