‘I felt like I was destroying myself and everyone close to me.’ says Kellie Maloney

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Kellie Maloney, 62, who is formally known as Frank, has opened up about her life before she publicly announced her transition into a woman.


The former Celebrity Big Brother star revealed that before her transition, she was in “constant war” with herself. She said: “I wanted to be how I felt, but it was because of my lifestyle.”

Maloney, who was born in Peckham, was previously a British boxing promoter that managed boxer Lennox Lewis to the undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World in 1999.

The 62-year-old announced her transition in August 2014, to which she claims was very “heart breaking” when telling her three daughters. Maloney insisted that his daughters were “very supportive”.

“I never felt I was ready (to transition), but I felt like I was destroying myself and everyone close to me that I loved.” The former boxing manager explained that her wife at-the-time Tracey, blamed herself in the duration of their relationship.The boxing promoter explained: “she looked at me in the eyes and said it was me, ‘have I done something wrong?’ I said, ‘no’, she asked me if I was seeing someone else, and then asked me If I was gay. I looked at her and started to cry and then told her.”

Maloney attempted to commit suicide in December 2012, to which his former wife stopped him doing. “She said ‘your only thinking of yourself, she said, how could you do this to your children? They will never know why, and christmas to them will always be the day of their father,’” alleged the former promoter.

Kellie claimed that Tracey was the one that helped him beat his fear on facing the world, and that transitioning went quicker than he anticipated. She explained: “I don’t know how she (Tracey) came to turns with it and I don’t know if she ever came to terms with it.”

The Celebrity Big Brother star explained: “There was a time when I wanted to run away from the world. But my parent’s taught me to face my problems and to be proud of who I was.”

When speaking about Caityln Jenner, who also announced her transition last year, Kellie said: “ I think everyone’s journey is different. We all have a different way of dealing with things. I get the impression with Caitlyn Jenner that she’s in competition with the Kardashian ladies, and I think that’s where she’s making the mistake, she should be herself.”

“I heard a story that she hand picked those women that travelled with her, they had to go through auditions. So she picked the best instead of picking down to earth people.”

Kellie admitted that she believes that if she was in the same position as Jenner, she would have done things a lot differently. She said: “ People say to me, your the Caitlin Jenner of the UK and I go well no. Caitlyn Jenner lives her life in an aquarium, Kellie Malonie lives her life in a goldfish bowl.”

Kellie will also be traveling to the U.S. The star recently went on a cruise by herself for the first time as Kelly.