[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Neyo’s wife Crystal Renay tells us her top three Neyo songs!

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We caught up with Neyo’s wife Crystal Renay,26, who speaks about her relationship with Neyo, how they met and what she’s working on (this interview will change any negative opinions you originally had). Here is the interview below:
Let’s talk about your beautiful relationship with Neyo! How did you guys meet and hit it off?
My husband and I met through a job I got for his album and instantly hit it off. We’ve been happy ever since!
What are your top three Neyo songs?
1 Let Me love you
2. Make it work
3. Religious

How difficult is it having such a profile relationship under the scrutiny of the public eye?

In the beginning it was super hard because I was working doing my own thing and here comes this amazing man that is known and loved by the world and he wanted me! Now the problem was the world wanted him with someone else and formed the outrageous assumptions about me and flat out lied to make me unlikable I’m assuming, to him. But life is funny because the more they tried to tear us apart, the stronger we became together.

Your son is beautiful! What’s it like being a new mum?

Thank you! I absolutely love it! There is no greater joy than to wake up and see my prince smiling at me!

Are you thinking of having anymore kids in the future? 

Oh absolutely! No time soon but definitely would love a little princess

Your body looks amazing already. What’s your secret?
Honestly eating right and cardio. Major keys is a healthy lifestyle

What’s your friendship like with Eva Marcille?
Eva is one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. She is my motivator and confidant. My closest friend and very dear to me. Plus we have a blast ALL THE TIME! I love her dearly.
Not only are you a mum but your also an entrepreneur. What have you been working on? And tell us about your brands?
Well right now other than working on television and modeling, I am an aspiring chef. I love creating recipes  and taking classic recipes and putting my touch to it. Maybe a cooking show or recipe book in the future, I am just weighing out my options at the moment
If we could look into your daily handbag now, what would we honestly find?
You’d find my Dior lip balm, wallet, mints and most likely diapers and a extra blanket for my son
If you could pick one, would you pick the programme Empire or Power and why?
Easy. Empire! It’s so exciting and Taraji P Henson is one of my favorite actresses. I pretend she’s like my aunt in my head lol!
What would be your advice for the young ladies admiring your marriage and family life?
Take chances, lots of them. Nothing will ever be perfect and some days you’ll pull your hair out but five minutes later you will look at your family and thank God for it all.
What should UK fans look out for from you over the coming months?
I have a lot of new surprises for you guys coming soon. Wish I could speak on them but you are just going to have to keep up with me to find out!