Kamille – Body

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Today marks the release of ‘Body’ by Kamille featuring Avelino. The visual was premiered across FADER yesterday and is available across all Digital Service Providers. Watch HERE. Directed by Crack Stevens, the visual for ‘Body’ is a cinematic ode to the uniqueness of each individual as it intimately pans across different figures throughout. ‘It’s about my own personal experiences, as well as those of others. it’s about the way it feels when someone looks at you and makes a judgement before getting to know you. We all have things about our appearance that speak louder than we want sometimes’ speaks Kamille.

The tender and sensual visual is empowering in reclaiming the narrative of normalized standards of beauty. Including individuals from all walks of life, the video features transgender model, activist and DJ Munroe Bergdorf as well as model Leo Jonah. The concept for ‘Body’ was a creative collaboration between Crack and Kamille, both wanting to show their own interpretations of the message by exploring the perspective of skin through the eyes of the naked camera. Kamille recalls ‘We started to have this really personal conversation about the things we conceal, and how they are often the things that are actually beautiful about us.’ This all resulted in the video taking a deeper meaning than the song Kamille wrote. It ultimately stood as a celebration of these flaws, the same things that many can build perceptions on.

‘My dream would be that it makes people stop just for a second and celebrate their own flaws, and hopefully, just for that second, break the natural human instinct to discriminate against everyone else’s. They are after all what make us beautiful.’