Rihanna looks untouchable in new Dior Campaign

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It is often really hard to make an amazing entrance and leave an even more dazzling impression but Rihanna has managed to do both in the space of a month. Ri-Ri took the red carpet at the 2015 Met Gala with an incredible canary yellow gown with what seemed like a never ending trail. Rihanna managed to be one of the few celebs who actually managed to encompass the theme of this year’s gala “China; Through the looking glass” and even though the internet reacted with somewhat hilarious memes including photoshopping pizza toppings onto the trail of her gown Rihanna has come away a victorious winner.


In her first Dior campaign Rihanna is yet again stealing the show. Dior is the epitome of class and has hosted celebrities like Charlize Therone, ambassador for the j’adore perfume, and Rihanna fits the fashion house perfectly. She is also the first black campaign star. Dior confirmed March 27th that Ri-Ri would be leading the ‘Secret Garden’ campaign.

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In the shots realised to the press Ri-Ri can be seen gallivanting around a castle posing with an air of authority, wearing bold brows and her signature full red lips. The whole style of the ‘Secret Garden’ is heavily influenced in the gothic with dark settings and the oh so exquisite pieces Dior is so well known for.

Rihanna has had her fair share of turbulence since being signed by Jay Z but it seems that she not only has taken the world by storm with her Meditteranean beauty and accent but she has created a brand name and legacy that is bound to stick around for a long time.