Shauna Brooks reveals all

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America’s media personality Shauna Brooks, who also stars in Season 3 of Botched, caught up with Bitchy Online UK during her visit to London. Brooks talks about her affiliation with Chris Brown, transitioning at a young age as well as  and her popular Instagram videos!

Welcome to London! How are you enjoying your stay?
I actually came here a long long time ago and it was nothing like it is now. People recognise me and it’s crazy. I didn’t realise I had so many fans here. It makes me feel so good. But at the same time, I’m still humble.

Let’s talk about your transition, when did you decide to come out?
I told my mum (that I was transitioning) when I was in 8th grade that summer. I always felt like I was more feminine. People would always be like “your daughter is so pretty” and I would be like “NO! I’m a boy”. I used to always look in the mirror and think, “why do they always see a girl”. As I got older and a lot more educated, I started feeling like something inside of me was not a boy.

I remember when I was 14, I was playing little league basketball and like the American film Bring It On, I always sucked at basketball and always wanted to be a cheerleader. When I found out that boys could actually audition, I went for it and passed it. I just wanted to be a girl so I’d surround myself with other girls and looked at myself as a girl.

How did your mother take it?
I never actually told my mum. By that time I moved to Virginia for university and there was auditions for a fashion show going on across the road. I auditioned as a girl, I was in complete drag so when I did it, I made it. On the night, they did my makeup and hair and when I was done, I was tired; I didn’t want to hide the clothes in a bag, so I thought if she saw me come in, I would just walk passed her.

As I arrived home, she (her mother) was standing with her boyfriend at the time, I walked straight in and she was like “was that shauny?” And I was like “Hey, love you guys, going to bed”. My mum then knocked on the door, came into my room and said “well you look good” and then from that moment on, I decided that I would be like this forever.

Your Instagram videos have become very popular with fans, how did you gain such a huge following on social media?
Honestly? It started with me having an affiliation with Chris Brown and I hate to bring his name up in any sort of interview, but everyone’s always asking what it started from.

I didn’t think it was going to be as big as it was. I posted a picture on my Facebook two years ago, in my car, backing out of his (Chris Brown) driveway, in his house in Virginia. When I got invited to his house, I spent the night and two minutes after I posted the picture, TMZ was literally calling my phone.


So of course it went off everywhere, and I mean all over the blogs, everywhere. And me being open and very honest and transgender, and an escort at the time, they tried to drag my name through the dirt.

Blogs would write “Oh Chris Brown with a transgender” and from that I just thought “f**k it”, I’m going to do what I have to do to clear my name. I did an interview with Star magazine and Radar Online and I was thinking “let me clear my name” and also defend his character because I never said I had sexual relations with him. From that, that got me a huge following, where I did interviews and then I ended up linking up with a TV show and then another TV show and then it was acting and then it was modelling.

I guess you could say I was a good PR, I would say things that would really cater to the Transgender community.

When speaking about Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star D Smith… 


On the show, She’s coming at straight women, being defensive, rude and disrespectful and it’s not a good look. I’ve angled a lot of dear towards the trans community because I want people to understand us and embrace us but you can’t insult the people you want to be accepted by. So for me I try to uplift everybody, we can respect everybody.

Do you feel like Caitlyn Jenner is helping the Transgender community?

I think Caitlyn helps, but I don’t think she advocates enough.

Let’s talk about your Reality TV show…

I’m in the process of filming a reality show in August. I can’t give away too much but it’s a Transgender reality show. I think that it’s going to blow everyone’s mind. All the girls on the show, from what I know, is basically really beautiful. And there’s a problem we have in Reality TV shows and acting in general, where when a producer is looking for a ‘cross dresser’ or a transgender, they always look for the ones that are not as passible or feminine. And with this reality TV show, we’re basically the ‘IT’ girls in the entertainment industry.

Is it difficult being Transgender in the Entertainment industry?
Absolutely! There is so much discrimination in the Entertainment industry. You don’t know who is denying you, whether they’re taking anything personal. Some people are just shady, you just never know.