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Bitchy Online UK finally caught up with the beautiful Stooshe girls. The UK girl group talk X Factor, other girl groups and more! Read below:


Let’s talk about your journey, looking back now would you guys change anything? 

Alexandra – We do really believe in whatever happens it’s meant to happen, you can only do your best and be the best person you can be. The only thing we might like to change is back in 2012 when Black heart was released we were so busy that we never had the time to take in all the amazing things that were happening. When you need to be in a million places at once, it’s hard to catch a moment to actually stop and think Wow we are actually supporting J.Lo and Nicki Minaj or have been in the charts for 4 months as a brand new girl group. We look back and love to reminisce together but definitely wish we had a moment during that time to just absorb what we achieved and appreciate every moment more.


Loved your video ‘Let It Go’ what was it like filming ?

Courtney – It was so much fun! We were fortunate enough to go to the South of Italy and it was so beautiful. We stayed in a remote village called Spongano which was a culture shock but amazing at the same time. Everyone was so welcoming and the food was lovely. We got to ride on Harley Davidsons along the cliffs which is something we’ll always remember!

The industry tends to claim that being in a female group is difficult, would you guys agree? 

Karis – We have definitely had our struggles whilst being in the industry. But regardless of whether you’re male or female, solo or in a group – you will always find some kind of challenges. It was important for us to break through the stigma of girl bands finding it difficult – hence why we’re back with a new single and 2nd album! We can’t wait to let the world hear the journey we’ve been on the past few years.

Do you think shows like X Factor help female groups?

A – Well I would say yes !! Little Mix and Fifth Harmony from the American X Factor prove that! It definitely gave them a platform to help launch them, but then it’s on the credit of the bands to continue their success which both have done and continue to do. Both bands are extremely talented and amazing. I don’t think anyone knows the reason why no girl groups got put through to the live shows this year but just from being in the industry we’ve noticed there seems to be a number limit of girl groups that can do well at the same time even though there are always loads of boybands. Obviously we feel there is always space for loads of girl groups as well. X Factor definitely help hidden talent and undiscovered artists by giving them a great opportunity to present themselves to a massive audience.

A couple years ago as a group, you guys went really quiet, what did you all do throughout that time? 

C – We may have been quiet on the surface but were working really hard behind the scenes. We’ve been in the studio working on a new sound and creating our 2nd album with some amazing writers and producers like Carla Marie Williams who has written on Beyoncé and Britney Spears new album, and Ghostwriter who writes for Rudimental and Anne Marie. We have been training, rehearsing, recording, brainstorming and working all round on bettering our craft.

And going back, what happened with your record label during that time? 

K – We had a really great few years with Warner, and if it wasn’t for the team we had and their belief in us then we would never of achieved the amazing things we did like receive a Brit & Mobo nomination, perform Black Heart and all of our other singles all around the world. After the release of London With The Lights On it was really important for us to go back to how we created the 1st album – which was independently, just us and our manager in the studio experimenting and recording, and that’s what we’re doing this time round and we couldn’t be happier and can’t wait for everyone to hear it.


What role does everyone play in the group? 

A- Where we spend everyday together and have literally lived every emotion together we have noticed you kind of morph into each other. As much as Courtney is the youngest she is always there to look after us on a night out or even if things get a little crazy, she always seems to be the level-headed one and gets us home! If we are ever down as a group or stressed out she manages to make us laugh ‘cos the things she says when she is stressed makes us laugh so much that we actually forget why we were down in the first place.

Karis is always on the go, she’s like a Duracell bunny that doesn’t stop, if anyone is unmotivated she always snaps us out of it so we get things done and is always on it with social media. She also has the most experience musically so has a good ear for harmonies and arrangements.

I’d say that I like to be organised when we have gigs or travelling .I also can be a bit cheeky and push it a bit when making jokes but we are always laughing about something and balance each other out so it’s a good mix.


If you guys could collaborate with any musician, dead or alive, who would be? 

A – I would choose Beyoncé! I just want to be her friend and let her show me the way!I just want to pick her brain and would love to perform on stage with her. She knows how to put on a show.

C – I think there are so many for various reasons, but I’d like to say Amy Winehouse. I watched a documentary on her not long ago and I really felt her as a person. I feel it would have been really fun and interesting for all of us to be in a studio together.

K – definitely Amy Winehouse for me too I’ve always felt connected to her through her music. I’m so sad that we came from the same school and I never got to meet her but her legacy will definitely always live on. I also would love to perform on stage just once in my life with Tina Turner. I idolise her strength and it’s more than the music for me with her it’s her life story too. I’d love to just sit and talk to her over a cup of tea after we sing together.


What are you guys working on at the moment? 

C – We are just finishing off our album. We want to bring interludes back so are rounding the album off with these now and putting the last few finishing touches. We are finalising plans for a tour early next year to coincide with the release of the album and are also always gigging too which we love, as we get to see people’s reactions to the new music and meet our squad.


What advice would you give other upcoming girl groups? 

K – Stick together! You’re always going to have people come in and out of you’re life building different members up at different times and sometimes even playing you off against each other. It’s important to put your friendship first and always have each others back no matter what because that will see you through. Respect each other and the roles you all play because you will all bring something different – and that’s ok! and lastly make music that is true to you, never compromise your journey or happiness.

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